Forecast support on demand planning for apparel and consumer goods


TIA A3® is the ultimate solution for collection and seasonal planning for fashion, sports and shoes.
In particular TIA A3® will help you:

  • demand planning
  • sales forecasting and sample-based forecasting
  • disposition and inventory planning
  • optimizing your purchase order – and production proposal

TIA A3® has been optimizing the stock levels of our customers in the apparel, sports and shoe industry for decades, the solution integrates the sales point of view into your demand planning while using all available market information.

Sales forecast ensures necessary transparency with unpredictable market conditions in supply chain. There`s no matter if the goods are ordered or produced.
TIA A3© is a standard system which is easily adaptable into processes of your business.
A range of functionalities, planning procedures and consideration from specific input data ensure a high quality project and also a high ROI.