GESTIONE processo produttivo alta modaPROTEUS

Data extractor dispatcher


PROTEUS is a simple and efficient solution when data extraction from various types of systems is necessary, along with the requirement of sending or making the extracted data directly available to a configurable distribution list of users.

In addition, the data extractions can easily be combined and formatted into an Office document by taking advantage of the many powerful features of VBA macros.

The simplicity and speed of the activities necessary in order to implement a new report make PROTEUS the optimal tool for satisfying the numerous non-structured requests for data that occur within a company.

The management of the user distribution lists and schedules allow for efficient generation of programmed report distribution.

Advantages resulting from the use of PROTEUS:

  • Centralized management of all data extraction and sending across all company OLTP/OLAP systems
  • Makes data contained in legacy systems easily usable
  • A simple and efficient system for creating reports
  • Both scheduled and on-demand distribution of pre-configured reports


Download HERE the detailed information sheet >>>