GESTIONE processo produttivo alta modaPXM catalox

Product life cycle management


PXM manages the product life cycle: starting from the initial development phase and continuing to the revision phase, the samples and pre-production monitoring phases, and ending with production and sales.

PXM optimizes the different production cycle workflows by identifying the correct and necessary information required in order to complete each single cycle phase and prepare it for the next (collaboration module).

PXM facilitates the creation of technical data records, sizes, bills of materials, cycles and any necessary custom data records.

PXM can be rapidly implemented and easily personalized by the end user. The “open database” can befully integrated with any ERP or other existing platform.

PXM is based on 7 principle modules:

  • Model base data management
  • Workflow and control management
  • Technical data record and seasonal variation activation management
  • Bill of materials management
  • Sizing data record management
  • Personalized data record management


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