gestione attività logistiche in ambito fashion.


Suite developed to improving logistics activities in fashion environment. 

GESTIONE processo produttivo alta modaWMX

Warehouse management system


WMX is a departmental warehouse management system consisting of two base modules:

  • A web application usable on workstations as well as on tablets and smartphones complete with all operations
  • An IOS App designed for in-field operations with barcode reading. No specific hardware installations are necessary; works with Win, MAC, IOS, Android, WinPhone

It is responsive, so automatically usable on workstations, tablets and smartphones.
The prominent characteristic of WMX lies in the simplicity with which it is possible to implement a new warehouse, thus making it particularly advantageous for temporary or peripheral warehouse management.
WMX was developed to manage warehouses with limited dimensions and can be integrated with structured WMS and ERP systems.
WMX is also available in an SaaS version, and the pricing modes are modular based on the specific needs of the user.

Advantages resulting from the use of WMX:

  • Allows rapid implementation of new warehouses wherever an internet connection or UMTS coverage is available
  • Reduces hardware costs by allowing the use of economical devices, often already pre-existing
  • Manages various selectable document templates in a single installation thanks to rules definable by the user during the configuration phase
  • Permits warehouse mapping, even when complex
  • Manages scheduling and displays with merchandise expiration logs on-site at supplier
  • Manages multi-company structures and also multiple warehouses
  • Manageswarehouses for goods in-transit


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GESTIONE processo produttivo alta modaMATRIX

Serial number mangement System/strong>


MATRIX is an application solution dedicated to the centralized management of serial numbers. It is a service that generates unique codes based on configurable coding rules. Matrix also traces all events involving a serial number during its entire life cycle.
This service was developed in order to be integrated with third-party systems and represents the ideal solution for centralizing serial number management within a company.
The various applications present in a company can interact with Matrix by requesting single or batches of serial numbers and by sending every event deemed significant.

Advantages resulting from the use of MATRIX:

  • Centralized goods coding and identification management
  • Uses a single database in which all important events relative to the serial number history is managed
  • Service can be easily integrated with other pre-existing company systems
  • By taking charge of the serial number management, it allows third-party systems to continue functioning in traditional mode


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GESTIONE processo produttivo alta modaRFIX

RFid management system


RFIX is a solution that utilizes RFID technology for managing the flow of goods.
The principle objective of this application is to create the association between the RFID tag and the article and to collect the data relative to the flow of goods moved through RFID readers.
It is in fact a layer which is positioned between the hardware devices (gates, tablets, PDS’s) and the company management information systems. It processes the information relative to the RFID tag by interfacing directly with the hardware devices.
Personalized algorithms can be adopted for the verification, interpretation and validation of the readings that originate from the hardware devices.
Collected and validated data can be sent to other company application systems.
RFIX is composed of 2 modules: Tag/Item Association and Item Detection for the movement of goods through gates and hand-held devices.

Advantages resulting from the use of RFIX:

  • Capable of collecting and managing RFID Tag readings, interpreting the collected data, and sending the data to the various management information systems involved in the process flow in the expected format
  • Highly configurable instrument capable of supporting the validation logics of standard or personalized RFID readings
  • Supports multi-company and multi-brand systems
  • Manages data visualization rules, attributable to configurable teams and departments
  • Manages and interprets continuous TAG readings for the detection and monitoring of items in real time



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GESTIONE processo produttivo alta modaMSSX

Manual System Sorting


MSSX integrated with WMX solution is a manual picking system in which each location is equipped with an electronic device with a at least one button-bright LEDs and a display that light up to show the operator where to deposit the goods.
MSSX takes advantage of NFC and RFID technology to enable the operator to work easily (the system guides the user with lights), fast (the operator can perform the activity hands-free) and accuracy (no error due to ' use of mobile devices) during the deposit.