prodotti studiati per ottimizzare la produttività delle aziende di moda e del lusso.


Encloses the developed products to optimize the production of companies on fashion and luxury.

GESTIONE processo produttivo alta modaPXM catalox

Product life cycle management


PXM manages the product life cycle: starting from the initial development phase and continuing to the revision phase, the samples and pre-production monitoring phases, and ending with production and sales.

PXM optimizes the different production cycle workflows by identifying the correct and necessary information required in order to complete each single cycle phase and prepare it for the next (collaboration module).

PXM facilitates the creation of technical data records, sizes, bills of materials, cycles and any necessary custom data records.

PXM can be rapidly implemented and easily personalized by the end user. The “open database” can befully integrated with any ERP or other existing platform.

PXM is based on 7 principle modules:

  • Model base data management
  • Workflow and control management
  • Technical data record and seasonal variation activation management
  • Bill of materials management
  • Sizing data record management
  • Personalized data record management


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GESTIONE processo produttivo alta moda


Sistema di condivisione documentale


Kyklos Fashion Suite provides a powerful collaboration system, the Document Library, enabling all actors involved in the process to share a whole host of useful information to advance and manage the workflow.
The document sharing system is integrated within the suite and is therefore transversal to all Kyklos products, enabling you to modify its operation based on the built process workflow.
In particular, the Document Library allows sharing of electronic documents (such as Office files (docx, xlsx, pptx), images (jpg, gif, etc.), video (Wmv, Avi, Mpg etc.) or audio (Mp3, Wma, etc.)) and manage the information about read, modify, and / or delete permission according to the user role.



multiplatform system for the management and sharing of large files in a private companyKYKBOX

Multiplatform enterprise storage


Kykbox is a multiplatform system for the management and sharing of large files in a private company environment.
With the increasing popularity of iCloud, DropBox, Google Drive and other cloud storage systems, today’s users have become accustomed to organizing their own personal files on any device and to have constant mobile access.  Consequently they expect to do the same even with company data and files.  However, the security policy regarding the use of company data often does not allow the use of public cloud storage systems. Kykbox offers the same functionalities as the more commonly used cloud storage systems, thus allowing the placement of data within the company infrastructure and also permitting the data to be encoded, which guarantees an extra level of security.
A particularly interesting aspect is the possibility to integrate Kykbox with other existing company applications in order to allow company files to be published and contextualized
based on configurable rules.

Description of Kykbox :
Kykbox is a multiplatform enterprise storage system, integrable with Active Directory security criteria. It includes the more common cloud storage functionalities, thus allowing the management of storage placement in a protected context.
Kykbox provides automated file publication for specific users and groups within a WorkSpace organization, beginning with existing data on third-party systems and based on configurable rules and schedules.
Kykbox allows the user to define which stored data must be encoded in order to guarantee further security.
Kykbox is available on Windows, MAC, iOS, WinPhone and Android platforms.

Advantages resulting from the use of KYKBOX:
•    Multiplatform file sharing system (Windows, MAC, iOS, WinPhone and Android).
•    Guarantees data security by placing files within the company infrastructure and allowing data encoding where necessary.
•    Integrable security with Active Directory.
•    Integrable with existing company software. 



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GESTIONE processo produttivo alta modaPROTEUS

Data extractor dispatcher


PROTEUS is a simple and efficient solution when data extraction from various types of systems is necessary, along with the requirement of sending or making the extracted data directly available to a configurable distribution list of users.

In addition, the data extractions can easily be combined and formatted into an Office document by taking advantage of the many powerful features of VBA macros.

The simplicity and speed of the activities necessary in order to implement a new report make PROTEUS the optimal tool for satisfying the numerous non-structured requests for data that occur within a company.

The management of the user distribution lists and schedules allow for efficient generation of programmed report distribution.

Advantages resulting from the use of PROTEUS:

  • Centralized management of all data extraction and sending across all company OLTP/OLAP systems
  • Makes data contained in legacy systems easily usable
  • A simple and efficient system for creating reports
  • Both scheduled and on-demand distribution of pre-configured reports


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Forecast support on demand planning for apparel and consumer goods


TIA A3® is the ultimate solution for collection and seasonal planning for fashion, sports and shoes.
In particular TIA A3® will help you:

  • demand planning
  • sales forecasting and sample-based forecasting
  • disposition and inventory planning
  • optimizing your purchase order – and production proposal

TIA A3® has been optimizing the stock levels of our customers in the apparel, sports and shoe industry for decades, the solution integrates the sales point of view into your demand planning while using all available market information.

Sales forecast ensures necessary transparency with unpredictable market conditions in supply chain. There`s no matter if the goods are ordered or produced.
TIA A3© is a standard system which is easily adaptable into processes of your business.
A range of functionalities, planning procedures and consideration from specific input data ensure a high quality project and also a high ROI.