velocizzare il rapporto della casa di moda con la propria catena di fornitura.


Specific solutions made for simplifying controls and activities in the supply chain of the fashion industry.

GESTIONE processo produttivo alta modaSCMX

Supply chain management


SCMX With globalization and the outsourcing of production on a constant rise, companies have an ever-increasing need to be integrated with its suppliers. Companies turn to external suppliers at times for specific production phases, and at others for the entire production cycle. Raw material procurement can be managed internally, or else finished goodscan be acquired directly. SCMX manages the entire production process in a complete and integrated way, both within the company and at the suppliers or labor areas, including phase, process advancement and raw material monitoring
Advantages resulting from the use of SCMX:

  • Commission order and supplier monitoring
  • Supplier and sub-supplier chain management
  • Provides precise production data, both current and historical
  • Advancement data-entry directly at suppliers
  • Packaging management directly at suppliers
  • Tool for the collaboration of all parties involved in the processing cycle
  • Centralized work management for all outsourcing parties/suppliers and sub-suppliers
  • Contextual publication of all documentation necessary during the production cycle



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GESTIONE processo produttivo alta modaACX



ACX: Software solution for tracking, product authentication and real time verification of the garment's history.


GESTIONE processo produttivo alta modaRETAIL

Experience, expertise and solutions for the fashion retail


Kyklos offers consulting services and specific innovative products for the fashion retail industry.
Data analysis, sales forecast, turnover rates are examples of the configurable dashboards available into the dedicated web portal.
The portal allows, through the management of user roles, to access specific reports with analysis of inventory level in value and quantity, turnover rates, average consumption, spare days etc ..
The solution can also be integrated with leading products on the market such as Retail Pro 8 and 9, Best Store, aKite and many others to collect and analyze sales data.
Kyklod Fashion Suite includes aKite 4Fashion. The innovative solution for retail management , entirely cloud-based on Microsoft Azure platform, focused for the world fashion & Luxury market.



Retail Management Software


aKite is the latest generation of POS (Point of Sale) and In Store software services, which eliminates the complexity from stores and the chain HQ moving it to the Cloud.

For a new store opening or for the replacement of a broken PC simply log onto a web page, follow the identification procedure, and after a few minutes, start to sell.

aKite enables retailers of all sizes to forget the traditional problems associated with Information Technology and focus on their business, even with stores spread out across different continents.

Easy to choose. No initial investment in software licenses and servers, but only a fee proportional to the number of stores and workstations.

Easy to start. No expensive customizations, but fast choices from among a variety of parameters. To activate a POS or replace a faulty workstation, just enter your login and password on a web page.

Easy to use. because it is designed for a wide audience that needs to be immediately operational.

Easy to manage. All the complexity is removed from the stores and HQ and concentrated on the Cloud, where an advanced platform provides maximum service continuity and data security.

Easy sharing of constantly updated data both inside and outside the chain, for interaction with suppliers and customers.

Easy to integrate with other systems, internal and external, whatever their hardware and software platform.